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Steve Gardiner Professional Guitarist


As a professional session guitarist, I am available for any live dep work, studio or recording session and tour work. Below is a list of the equipment I use on the road. All equipment is fightcased for travel.

  • Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
  • Fender Stratocaster Plus
  • Fender Telecaster American Standard
  • Ernie Ball Music Man Luke III
  • Taylor 414ce-LTD Acoustic
  • Yamaha NCX900R Classical
  • Laney GH50L Head
  • 4X12 Cabinet Celestion Greenback Loaded
  • Fishman Acoustic Amplification
  • Blackstar HT Soloist Combo
  • Blackstar 1X12 Extension Cab
  • Custom Pedal Board
  • Shure SM57 vocal mic
  • Sennheiser e906 cab mic

And the most important bit of kit - Reliability and Professionalism!

No matter which genre you play, if you require a skilled, professional session guitarist to do your material justice, I will be happy to lend my skills to your project. To learn more about my services, get in touch today.